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Beautiful Lengths by Pantene Canada

Source: Pantene Beautiful Lengths


 Donation Requirements

When you donate your hair, you are giving a precious gift to a woman in need. We want to make sure not a single gift is wasted, so please be sure your hair meets these requirements before you make the cut. If it doesn’t, we won’t be able to turn your beautiful gift into a wig.
To be made into a wig, your hair must be:
  • At least 8 inches long (no maximum length)
     - If you have wavy or curly hair, measure when straight
  • Free of permanent colour, bleach or other chemical treatments such as Japanese straightening
     - Vegetable dyes, semi-permanent dyes and rinses are acceptable, but “virgin” hair is preferred
  • No more than 5% gray

Here's why bleached, permanently coloured or gray hair is restricted:

It takes at least six ponytails to make a Pantene Beautiful Lengths wig, and each one comes from a different person with a different shade of hair. For a realistic-looking wig that has consistent colour throughout, all these ponytails must be processed and then dyed to the same shade. It is critical for each ponytail to absorb dyes at the same rate in order to create a wig that is one consistent, natural-looking colour.
Gray hair, and some chemically-treated or permanently-coloured hair, does not absorb dye at the same rate as other types of hair. It is much harder to colour and, once coloured, fades more quickly.
Also, most permanently coloured hair, once it is processed and recoloured, is too fragile and breakable under the rigorous processing required during the production of a Pantene Beautiful Lengths wig.
Questions? You can speak to a Pantene representative toll-free at 1-800-945-7768. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time.
For more information, see How to Prep Hair or How to Make the Cut.

Canadian Cancer Society

Hair donations

We help people living with cancer find wigs and other types of headwear when they lose their hair as a result of cancer treatment. Although we are not involved in the collection of hair or the production of wigs, we get many questions from people who want to donate their hair. If you are thinking about donating your hair, please follow these instructions.
How to prepare your hair
The following applies to all hair donations:
·         Hair must be clean, dry and not swept off the floor
·         Hair must be a minimum length. This varies based on a specific hair donation program’s requirements. Check the list below.
·         In most cases hair should not be chemically treated (bleach, colour or perm). Check the hair donation program requirements listed below
·         Hair should be bundled in a ponytail at both ends or a braid
Sending your hair
  • hair should be sent by regular mail to the hair donation program of your choice
  • remember to include your name and address as acknowledgements may be sent
It takes approximately 12 donations of unprocessed hair and costs about $1,200 to craft a single hand-sewn wig for a child, so it’s not possible to find out who received a wig made with your hair. If the donated hair cannot be used, it will not be returned to the donor.
Pantene Beautiful Lengths
c/o Archway Marketing Services
P. O.Box 434
2110 Kipling Avenue
Etobicoke Station B, ON M9W 5L4
Minimum requirements: length – 8 inches. Visit for hair guidelines and cutting instructions
Please send by Canada Post only For every Like, Pantene will donate $1 to the Canadian Cancer Society.
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British Columbia
Eva & Co. Wigs
950 West Broadway, Unit 107
Vancouver, British Columbia, V5Z 1K7
Hair donations will be accepted by mail only. Minimum requirement: length – 8 inches (20 cm), do not braid
Havana Technical Hair Design
4889 Slocan Street
Vancouver, BC V5R 3J3
Hair donations will be accepted by regular mail only. Minimum requirement: length – 9 inches (23cm), do not braid
West Coast Wigs
321 Lynn Avenue
North Vancouver, BC V7J2C4
360-Hair (Langley)
21430 93B Ave
Langley BC V1M 1R3
Minimum requirement: length – 6 inches (13cm)

The Fringe Hair Company
2609 14 Street SW
Calgary, AB, T2T 3T9
Minimum requirement: length – 12 inches (30cm), no processing, no grey hair.
Please do not braid but secure hair at the top and bottom.
Evelyn’s Wigs
79 Lagimodiere Avenue
Lorette, MB R0A 0Y0
A Child's Voice Foundation
Angel Hair for Kids
3034 Palstan Road, Ste. 301
Mississauga, Ontario, L4Y 2Z6
Minimum requirement: length – 12 inches (30cm), no processing, preferably braided
Hair for Kids Program, c/o Continental Hair
92 1/2 Avenue Road
Toronto, Ontario, M5R 2H2
Minimum requirement: length – 10 inches (25cm), minimal processing acceptable
Order Quality Wigs, Inc.
CanDonate Hair Program5847 chemin Cote-des-Neiges,
Montreal, QC, H3S 1Z2

Order Quality Wigs, Inc.
CanDonate Hair Program4889 Saint-Charles Boulevard,
Pierrefonds, QC, H9H 3E4