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Saturday, 3 January 2015

8 Things to Consider Before Going Blonde

1.You like your hair long.
The lightening process to get goldilocks strands, when you are not a natural blonde causes stress on your hair. This stress leads to breakage which leads to shorter strands. If you like your hair extra long avoid going blonde.

2.You are bad at colour maintenance.
Blonde requires a lot of work. Whether it be retouches or re-toning you will be visiting your colourist about every 6 weeks sometimes more. Plus if you fall off the wagon and don’t go for a while the next time is a whole colour correction. If this doesn’t sound like something you can keep up with don’t even start the process.

3.You like to change your all over tone frequently
The process to get blonde takes a lot of work. If you are a girl that likes to do frequent demi permanent glazes to change around the tone, you aren’t going to like blonde because there aren’t too many shades you can easily shift between.

4.You are on a budget
Being blonde is expensive, especially the darker your natural hair colour is. You will need lots of maintenance of many different services, and this gets costly quick.

5.You are obsessed with the health of your hair.
Lightening hair causes damage, it’s as simple as that. If you want your hair to be mirror like reflective with zero flyaways and super smooth, being blonde is going to frustrate you because you will lose all of this the first time you lighten. 
Source Written by  By Kelly Rowe

And also:
 6.You can't wash your hair as often. Water is actually drying and can add impurities to the hair.Plus, the more you wash, the faster your colour fades. If you enjoy working out, make friends with dry shampoo.

7.You'll have to switch your shampoo and conditioner. Get yourself a duo for colour-treated hair. If your hair is getting too brassy or flat, you may also need a colour-boosting shampoo.

8.A weekly mask is a must. Stock up on a deep conditioner—it helps your hair not become too dry and make sure to apply it root to tip.
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