Hair by Irina Lavrega

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Hair Cut Terms


Texturize: In cutting terms, this means giving a blunt or pure form shape, so there are different lengths and movement.

Graduation:A build up of weight, 45 degrees from the head shape. This technique can be done in different ways like around face (face framing), at the nape (stacked/angled bob), or side swept bangs. When this technique is utilized, it gives movement and structure to your cut.
Jooge: In the fashion world, this means detailing — rubbing the hair between my fingers for texture, or at the roots for a extra lift.
Fringe: Bangs
Point Cut: When the scissors are used to cut hair vertically instead of horizontally. This will give you a "piecey" look.
Edgy: Trendy, non-conventional, or extreme. Shapes may include choppy (Rooney Mara in Girl With the Dragon Tattoo), asymmetrical (Santigold), or an under cut (Rihanna's short cut/shaved and long on top).
Gisele Waves: Gisele Bundchen's waves. Stylists refer to Gisele when we mean loose, tousled waves. It's more about the movement instead of volume.
Dusting: Cutting the most minimal amount of hair, otherwise known as the slightest trim for those who are nervous to get a haircut.
Upsweep: Loosely gathering hair on the top of the head. This look is ideal for the gym, summer weather, or for protecting hair from rainy weather.
Faux Hawk: An edgy look; a messier version of a mohawk.
Chemical Cut: Hair so over-processed that it breaks and looks as though it has been cut.
Busted: Hair that's overworked, over-processed, and damaged.
Blunt: A haircut that is all one length – can be short or long.
Razored: A sharp, edgy haircut created with a razor, instead of scissors.
Bed Head: Often worn down, this style is a sexy look that makes it look like you effortlessly just arrived to the party and didn't have time to style your hair. A very appealing and natural hairdo.

By Kelli Acciardo