Hair by Irina Lavrega

Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Hair Color Zodiac

SOURCE click here by Laura Martin
Aries: Bold, curious and adventurous, this sign is naturally drawn to red and vermillion shades from rose gold to deep burgundy will perfectly express your bold, passionate personality. Ombre, which mimics the movements of this sign’s element, fire, is also a beautiful choice.
Taurus: Quiet, grounded and sensual, those with this sign will find comfort in rich browns and natural, cool blondes. Sombre or subtle highlights or a single shade will embody the elegant simplicity you are drawn to.
Gemini: Cool hues and bold contrasts are representative of the deep thinking and dualistic nature of this sign. Given this sign’s craving for activity, a color that looks different depending on styling, like hidden highlights, is a smart choice.
Cancer: A penchant for romance, dreaminess, and lightness make pale blonde an appealing color for those under this sign. A deep connection to childhood and family may also lead you to retain the hair color you had as a child, a warmer, brighter version of your grown-up natural hue.
Leo: Confident, generous and charismatic, you’re naturally drawn to warm shades with golden and copper tones. Even if you have cool skin, warm accent pieces will give your stands a touch your inner radiance.
Virgo: Your tendency toward caution and love of simplicity make natural hues an obvious choice. Subtle changes like glaze over soft gold or cool brown over your natural shade can add interest without overwhelming. Hand painting highlights in a color close to your natural hue are also a lovely choice.
 Libra: With your propensity toward harmony and your well-groomed appearance you look great in rich jewel tones and darker shades. Deep reds and dark browns are especially good choices.
Scorpio: Known for intensity, scorpios are well suited to deep reds, dark browns and raven black. For those with a penchant for lightness a bright platinum is a stunning alternative.
Sagittarius: Charisma, optimism, and adventurous, you are perfectly suited for deep earth tones and subdued red shades. Keep things bold but natural with a soft base shade accented with brightness.
Capricorn: Reserved, calm and strong you’ll look poised and pretty in calm, cool hues like deep browns and silvery blondes. Slightly lighter ends will give your hair natural variation that suites your understated style.
Aquarius: Those under this sign are natural drown to cool hues and tend to exhibit a unique fashion sense. Blue black, violet, and cool pastels portray your cool confidence.
Pisces: Your sensitive and romantic nature is a defect match for soft pastels and pretty rose gold shades. Mixing warm and cool hues will make your hair as adaptable as your are.